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Preventative Gum & Teeth Cleaning

Preventative treatments are among the most important in dentistry, including early detection and elimination of tooth and gum diseases as well as demonstrations of correct flossing and brushing technique. When bacteria-containing plaque collects around the necks of your teeth, the adjacent gum reacts with increased blood flow to ward off the invading bacteria.

If the plaque is not removed via daily cleaning, an infection develops in the gum that leads to puffy, swollen areas that bleed on brushing or flossing called gingivitis.

If left untreated, gum infection reaches the deeper areas of the tooth which is not accessible to brushing and a deep seated infection develops which can lead to bone loss called periodontal disease. This bone loss affects the foundations of your teeth and can lead to ultimate loss of the tooth if untreated by your dentist. Once diagnosed with gentle periodontal probing and x-rays Peter Maloney Dental, in association with our hygienist, can restore good health to the foundations of your teeth and maintain them with instructions for home care and regular maintenance care after developing a specific treatment plan appropriate to your condition.

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