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Restorative Treatment

Research and development in dental materials has created a paradigm shift in replacing damaged tooth substance due to decay or trauma.

Bonding of tooth coloured resins has developed to the degree that Minimal Intervention Dentistry is the philosophy at Peter Maloney Dental.

Ranging from FISSURE SEALANTS to DENTINE/ENAMEL BONDING techniques for fillings in teeth damaged by decay.

Evidence-based techniques are used to anatomically reconstruct the tooth and promote the health of the pulp.

However, there is a limit to the capabilities of all techniques.  Many years of patch-up dentistry can lead to weak and uncomfortable teeth.

PORCELAIN CROWNS, PORCELAIN INLAYS and PORCELAIN VENEERS may be required to protect cracked or worn teeth.  Peter Maloney Dental works in conjunction with our master ceramist using the gold standard NOBEL PROCERA laboratory fabrication to achieve the most durable and aesthetic restorations.

Similarly for replacing missing teeth NOBEL BIOCARE procedures are followed to achieve the gold standard we follow for all our patients.  They are a permanent alternative to missing teeth or dentures.  Restored dental implants feel and function like natural teeth.  At Peter Maloney Dental we are experienced in offering immediate implants, where appropriate, replacing a failed tooth on the day of removal.

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